Celebrate National Seafood Month Seaside at Ventura Harbor

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National Seafood Month

It’s National Seafood Month!

In Ventura Harbor we celebrate and offer delicious fresh seafood year-round – but since it’s National Seafood Month, here are the Top 6 ways to celebrate (and reasons why!) + update on Ventura Harbor commercial fishing:

1. Fish is really, really good for you

It’s low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and packed with omega 3s, lean protein, vitamins A, D, and B, and minerals such as iron, iodine, and zinc. This means decreased risk of dying of a heart attack and lowered risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. Psst — Fish oil doesn’t compete – so add more Seafood in your diet!

2. Fresh Seafood Fish Markets

Locals and visitors are super fortunate to have an abundance of Fish Markets right here in the Ventura Harbor. From dedicated sustainable fish markets like Wild Local Seafood open daily with fresh fishing and farming practice options, to weekly markets from fisherman selling right from their fresh catch at Saturday Fisherman’s Market at Harbor Village.  Plus, famous Andria’s Fish Market open daily and new Ventura Fresh Fish with a Dock to Doorstep program in Ventura Harbor Village.  There are no excuses to pick up some delish fish to take home and try new recipes making Ventura Harbor fish markets your weekly stop for fresh catch!  (Click here for Fish Market Info)

3. Catch Your Own

Calling sportfishing enthusiasts of all ages!  Nothing is better than being out on the open ocean and the thrill of bringing home your own fish to fry up! (plus post bragging rights!)  Ventura Sportfishing offers trips out of Ventura Harbor (Click here to learn more & book your trip.)

4. Headquarters for Handcrafted Chowders & Stews

Ventura Harbor prides ourself on offering over 10 mouthwatering handcrafted clam chowder recipes, plus a variety of cioppinos and hearty dishes to warm your inner core.  Enjoy with a glass of wine, warm bread & stunning Harbor views!  Yum! (Click for Dine options)

5. Snap. Post. Eat. SEAfood Eats Photo Contest

Join in the National Seafood Month Photo Contest- 3 Winners selected for $50 Gift Certs to our top seafood restaurants in Ventura Harbor when you post a photo of our seafood meal and tag and Ventura Harbor when you post a photo of your seafood meal and tag @VenturaHarbor. (View here for Details)

6. Dine with Harbor Views

From famous Fish N’ Chips and large, generous servings of seafood at Andria’s Seafood Restaurant & Market for over 37 years –  to the popular Brophy Bros Restaurant & Clam Bar with fresh clams, oysters, with a stellar seafood-inspired Happy Hour, Ventura Harbor is home to an abundance of seafood offerings there is a variety of cuisines to select from:  French, Mexican, Greek, Cuban, American, and fine-dining to walk up casual – Ventura Harbor is the year-round destination for all things seafood in So Cal! (Click to SEA restaurant choices)

Plus – National Seafood Month pays homage to our commercial fishing industry!

Seafood is a major economic driver in Ventura Harbor

In 2017, based upon data from California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ventura Harbor was rated No. 1 in the state for poundage of fish offload and landing value. The Ventura Port District is proud to support commercial fishing because it creates jobs in the region and feeds millions of dollars into the Ventura County economy.

World-Class Commercial Fishing Marina

Check out the $4.6 million Dock Improvement Project in final completion!  On the heels of a major upgrade at the Fish Pier resurfacing for $430k, the Ventura Harbor Village Marina improvement project is almost completed and will accommodate the harbor’s ever- expanding fleet of commercial vessels.  (Click for Project Information)

Ventura Shellfish Enterprise (VSE)

A proposed “blue economy” aquaculture project that was created to begin farming sustainably cultivated mussels in the Santa Barbara Channel would be offloaded at the Ventura Harbor.  The VSE will bring a new source of dependable fresh and sustainable seafood to the region; to enhance and sustain Ventura Harbor as a major West Coast fishing port; as well as support and expand the local economy.  (Click for 7 Things to Know & more details)

Commercial Fishing