Economic Impact

The Economic Impact of the Ventura Harbor on the Ventura County and National Economics

July 12, 2012

Key Findings:

  • In 2011, business activity at the Ventura Harbor had a total economic impact of $246 million.
  • Of this total, $86 million remained in Ventura County. The remaining $162 was spread across the California and U.S. economies.
  • In 2011, business activity at the Ventura Harbor supported the equivalent of
  • 2,537 jobs. These jobs generated $90 million in worker income.
  • Of these jobs, 975 were located in Ventura County, whereas the remaining 1,562 were located in other parts of the state and nation. The Ventura County jobs generated $31 million in labor income, while the remaining jobs generated $59 million.
  • Commercial fishing is the harbor’s largest business segment. In 2011, its fishing companies created $46 million in economic activity and the equivalent of 378 full- time jobs.
  • Since 2005, Ventura Harbor businesses have performed significantly better than the broader Ventura County economy. This is especially true of the commercial fishing organizations.