Commercial Fishing Offload

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Ventura Harbor continues to be the premier landing port for California Market Squid.

Interesting fact:  There are a total of 64 Squid Permits issued for all of California.  Ventura Harbor Village Marina can accommodate 54 Squid Seine Vessels at any given time.  There is no other single marina on the west coast south of Alaska that can accommodate as many seiners at one time as our Harbor Village Marina.  Our Marina is currently permanent home to 44 Squid Seiners.  We have a total of 103 Wet Slips and 88 Dry Storage Spaces.

2019                     5,895,721 lbs.                   2,950 tons

2020                     9,262,860 lbs.                   4,631 tons

2021                  30,756,715 lbs.                   15,378 tons   ~27% of CA total catch

2022                  36,164,420 lbs.                   18,082 tons   ~28% of CA total catch

CA catch roughly spread across:  Northern CA/Monterey, Ventura, Port Hueneme, San Pedro