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Policy and Procedures Implementing the California Public Records Act dated April 8, 2015 | Download File

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Form 700 – Statement of Economic Interest

The Political Reform Act (Government Code Sections 81000 – 91015) requires most state and local government officials and employees to publicly disclose their personal assets and income. They must also disqualify themselves from participating in decisions that may affect their personal financial interests. The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) is the State agency responsible for issuing the Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700), and for interpreting the law’s provisions.

Who Files?

This is determined by State law and local regulations: Government Code Section 87200 and an agency’s Conflict of Interest Code. This generally includes every public official who makes or participates in making governmental or financial decisions. The District has a Conflict of Interest Code that designates which employees must file a Form 700 and includes information regarding disclosure categories. Disclosure categories set out the type of financial interests that must be reported by each official.

How do I obtain copies of Form 700s that were filed?

Copies of completed Form 700s that are maintained by the Clerk of the Board may be obtained by contacting jrauch@venturaharbor.com or visiting the Ventura Port District Administration Office at 1603 Anchors Way Drive, Ventura, CA 93001.

Administrative Policies

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