Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Ventura Port District is committed to providing a safe harbor that is an inviting inclusive seaside destination and gateway to the Channel Islands National Park, with exceptional facilities for fishers, boaters, residents, and visitors.

Long Term Goals & 5-Year Objectives

1Safety & NavigationMaintain & enhances a safe and navigable harbor by:
a. Securing funding for dredging the Harbor entrance through the Army Corps of Engineers in coordination with agencies and our elected officials;
b. Dredging the Inner Harbor and preserving infrastructure;
c. Providing superior Harbor Patrol, Maintenance, and related District services;
d. Preserving and enhancing infrastructure, equipment, and facilities for a modernized, efficient, and safe working harbor.
2Commercial & Recreational Boating & FishingSupport and promote commercial and recreational boating and fishing.
3Economic VitalityIncrease economic development, vitality, and diversity of the District through effective leasing and marketing strategies.
4SustainabilityPromote sustainable use of our natural environment through business practices and programs designed in concert with our tenants. educators, agencies, and interest groups.
5RelationshipsBuild respectful, productive, and mutually beneficial business relationships with our tenants, public agencies, elected officials, and the community.
6Public ServiceProvide exceptional public service and transparency at all levels within the organization through effective leadership, training, mentoring, and oversight. This promotes accountability, increased public trust, and a more efficient, effective, and public-focused organization.
DHarbor DredgingEnsure that annual dredging occurs at the federal Harbor entrance and as needed in the inner Harbor.1. Support and advocate for congressional funding to the Army Corps of Engineers in support of the Harbor's annual dredging program
2. Provide an ongoing leadership role and active participation with California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference (CMANC) and other relevant organizations in support of federal and state assistance
3. Ventura Port District Dredging
EPublic and Civic Engagement PlanStrengthen communication and further develop close working relationships with stakeholders, business partners, and civic leaders.1. Collaborate with business partners and stakeholders through increased engagement, communication, and participation
2. Collaborate with City, regional, state, and federal agency officials in pursuit of mutually beneficial projects and programs
3. Public and Civic Engagement Planning
FCommercial FishingSupport current commercial fishing industry central to Ventura's premier working waterfront through stakeholder engagement, diversification, and infrastructure improvements.1. Reactivate Ventura's commercial fishing association and/or establish fishermen working group as part of improved stakeholder engagement
2. Continue improvements of Commercial Fishing Industry service offerings by District
3. VSE Project Grant utilization
4. Complete permitting, regulatory, and legislative approvals for VSE project
5. VSE Subleasing
MMaster Tenants & Parcels 5+8Collaborate with existing and future Master Tenants to maintain, improve, and develop the Harbor.1. Engagement and support of Master Tenants for successful business operations at the Harbor
2. Evaluate opportunities for Parcels 5 and 8
PNational/State Parks CollaborationMaintain Channel Islands National Park Service (NPS) presence at Harbor. Draw upon Ventura Harbor area National & State parks and wetland areas to enhance ecotourism.1. Coordinate with NPS Superintendent and General Services Administration (GSA) to secure long-term leases for NPS personnel currently located at 1441 and 1691 Spinnaker Dr. (Harbor Village)
2. Coordinate with National & California State Parks to develop destination-based ecotourism offerings
TVillage Parking & TrafficContinue to increase and/or maximize visitor parking and traffic circulation during busy periods.1. Evaluate pedestrian, bicycling, transit networks, and parking within and around the Harbor
2. Pursue needed improvements and management plans
3. Evaluate pedestrian, bicycling, transit networks and pursue needed improvements, enforcement strategies in partnership with the City
VHarbor VillageMaintain and improve Harbor Village infrastructure and enhance the overall visitor experience.1. Complete Harbor Village refresh programs
2. Leasing/Property Management Action Plan
3. Marketing Action Plan