Commercial Identification Cards

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All documents should be sent via email. Please have your insurance agent/broker email your Certificate of Liability Insurance with additional insured endorsement directly to me. The application and agreement are fillable so you can save to your computer and send as an attachment. If you do not have access to a scanner for the other documents, you can go to FedEx, UPS or take a picture with your cellphone and send via email to me at Thank you.

The Commercial Identification Card (CID) card is used to grant permission to any cardholder  to perform a commercial activity at Ventura Harbor Marinas. All cardholders must check in with the Marina staff in order to gain access to work. The CID expires on June 30th of each year and must be renewed annually.

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Please note the following mandatory requirements:

  • The application fee is $200.00 (plus $25 for each additional employee)
  • A current City of Ventura Business License (payment receipt okay until City sends you a final copy).
  • If you have employees, you must provide proof that you carry Workers Compensation insurance
  • Proof of auto insurance for you and all employees driving to the Harbor
  • Headshot of yourself and all workers (if applicable) – you do not need to get a passport photo. You can take a photo with a phone or camera and email to me. 
  • A current Certificate of Insurance to comply as follows:
    • Commercial General Liability “occurrence” coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 combined single limit (CSL) bodily injury and property damage for each occurrence
    • Proof of auto insurance for you and all employees driving to the Harbor.
    • The additional insured (ADDL INSR) column is check marked for both Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability.
    • Attached to the COI, an Endorsement to the Policy page naming the Ventura Port District as additional insured for both Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability – This is MOST IMPORTANT. If this is not attached, you are not incompliance with insurance requirements.
    • The correct name and address of the Certificate Holder/Additional Insured is: Ventura Port District, 1603 Anchors Way Drive, Ventura, CA  93001

Failure to provide this documentation as noted above will result in the NON-ISSUANCE of a CID card.