Ventura Harbor Village Leasing

Promotional flyer showcasing leasing opportunities for restaurants at Ventura Harbor Village, featuring images of the harbor and a conceptual design for a new waterfront dining area.
Conceptual designs of a two-level restaurant with outdoor seating. The upper image shows a spacious patio and the building's exterior, while the lower image reveals the cafe's entrance with string lights.
Interior of a retail space featuring large windows, white walls, and dark flooring, located on the first floor of building 1591 Spinnaker Drive, with 761 square feet of space.
Three views of a two-story building with a red tile roof and large glass windows. The building is surrounded by a paved area with planters and overlooks a marina.
Aerial view of a coastal marina with numerous docked boats, adjacent buildings, parking lots, and a visible beach area on the left side. Hills are visible in the background.
Two aerial images of a coastal office location. The office suite is on the 2nd floor of a building at 1591 Spinnaker Drive, featuring beach and harbor views, direct patio access, and an in-suite bathroom.
Three images show a newly renovated office space featuring three separate offices, a reception area, and modern finishes. The space includes wood flooring, white walls, and ample natural light.
Image collage showing an office interior, a balcony view over a marina, and an overhead view of a building complex near a dock.
Aerial view of Ventura Port District with boats docked, coastline, and surrounding city. Text reads, "Thank you for your interest. All are welcomed." Ventura Port District logo at bottom.

Ventura Harbor offers residents and guests the opportunity to live and enjoy the California lifestyle year-round.


For Ventura Harbor Village tours and information, please contact:

Jessica Snipas, Business Operations Analyst II 
(805) 603-1890

Todd Mitchell, Sr. Business Operations Manager
(805) 621-7169


For Portside Ventura Harbor tours and information, please contact:

Larry Tanji, Sr. Vice President
(805) 288-4681

AJ Bernhardt, Associate
(805) 288-4683