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VHM Commercial Dock Improvement Project

The anticipated Ventura Harbor Village Dock Improvement Project is in the works commencing mid-May with completion in September 2019.  The Dock Improvement Project aligns with the Ventura Port District goals to position the Ventura Harbor Marina has a first-class working commercial harbor.

Seven years in the planning, the projected cost for the completion of the dock replacement is $4.6 million as part of the Ventura Port District’s Capital Improvement Program that will focus on the upgrade of the utilities and the infrastructure of the dock systems, including fire suppression.  Commercial fishing is vital to local economy and Ventura Harbor is one of the largest commercial fishing ports on the West Coast outside of Alaska.

While the pelagic/squid fishery is currently the Ventura Harbor’s primary offload, the harbor also supports a variety of seafood products including lobster, prawns, sea bass, halibut, urchin and more.

When completed, the new Ventura Harbor Village Dock Improvement Project will boost 103 boat slips and be poised as a world-class commercial harbor.

current dock configuration              projected dock configuration

Village tenant construction notices
              dock improvement staging

For more information regarding the Ventura Harbor Village Commercial Dock Improvement Project
contact Dave Werneburg at (805) 642.8538 x501

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