More of this in 2021

More time seaside 12
More time seaside 13

More time seaside 13

We’ve all endured a tumultuous year to say the least.

However, we will be wiser and stronger with 2020 behind us. In this new year, we hope you make time for things that truly matter. From more fresh air, sunsets and beach walks, to more family time and nourishing food – here is your guide to to a more meaningful 2021 –

…because life is too short to be anything, but happy.

Ring in the New Year by getting more active outdoors! Take a walk along one of the beautiful beaches or safely stroll Ventura Harbor Village and browse all the shops!

Take time for yourself to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! Schedule a trip to visit Channel Islands National Park in the New Year! Make plans to look forward to whale watch in 2021 or come to the harbor now and enjoy time on the water at Ventura Boat Rentals!

Fish is among one of the best foods to consume. It is loaded with vitamin D, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and more! Implement more fresh fish from Ventura Harbor in 2021!

Remaining safe and healthy is vital to having a positive year! Ventura Harbor VIllage shops makes this so easy. Online shop this year from the comfort of your home!

Harbor eats and treats are available to go daily. You can enjoy your takeout safe at home, at the beach, on a boat rental, or picnic style at our Seaside Takeout Zone on the big grass lawn overlooking the marina. We urge you to please call ahead as times may vary daily.