Ventura Port District sets sights on $4.5 million dock replacement project

dock in ventura harbor

Board of Port Commissioners acquire loan through private bank and review agreement for professional services by Noble Consultants.

With a vision for a renewed Ventura Harbor Village on the horizon, Ventura Board of Port Commissioners met on July 25 to secure funds for the Ventura Harbor Village Marina Replacement Project. Additionally, commissioners considered a proposal by Noble Consultants to provide assistance during the bidding and construction phases for $93,365.

The Harbor Village Marina Dock Replacement Project will replace docks C, D, G and H at Ventura Harbor Village Marina, with bids to be opened on Aug. 22 and reported to the Board of Port Commissioners by Sept. 26.

A port district staff report reads: “The plans and specifications that constitute the bid solicitation package were prepared by Noble Consultants at a cost of about $140,000. Ongoing professional engineering services will be required during the bidding and construction phases of the dock replacement project.”

Overall, the replacement project is predicted to amount to $4.5 million, but is only an estimate as of now.

Richard Parsons, Dredging Consultant to Ventura Port District, told The Log the main focus of the harbor commission’s action on the Marina Dock Replacement Project was securing financing, which was done through a private sector bank. As a side note, Parsons added while it was once more efficient to go through the Department of Boating and Waterways for a loan, the interest rates currently offered are not much better.

In a letter addressed to Oscar Peña, General Manager, Noble Consultants stated: “Noble Consultants-GEC, Inc. is pleased to present this proposal for your review and consideration to provide professional engineering services connected with construction of the Ventura Harbor Village Marina Replacement Project. The purpose of our services shall be to assist staff with solicitation and review of formal construction bid proposals and provide engineering consultation and technical support during construction.”

As the bids come in, Noble Consultants will assist Port District staff as needed to solicit contractors and respond to bidder requests. The letter says construction work will be completed within nine months from the Notice to Proceed and within six months from the time the contractor begins work onsite.

Construction for this project, according to Parsons, would not begin until spring or summer of the next year at the earliest.

Noble Consultants is a civil engineering firm with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco specializing in coastal, structural, harbor and water resources for 40 years. Noble Consultants has completed Port- and harbor-related projects in such areas as breakwater protection, navigation entrance, turning basins and more have included work for Port Hueneme Harbor, Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach and Channel Islands Harbor. Noble Consultants has also performed work previously for Ventura Harbor.

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