Ventura Harbor Dredging Underway in February & March 2018

Ventura Harbor remains open to all boaters while dredging takes place

The annual Harbor dredging in 2018 that keeps Ventura Harbor open and safe for boaters
will take place in February and March. The Ventura Port District expects to receive $5
million in federal funds this spring to remove up to 600,000 cubic yards of material, said
Dredging Program Manager Richard Parsons. Each year, tons of sand, depending on storms
and ocean conditions, moves down the coast, accumulating at the Ventura Harbor entrance
and potentially making it impassable for commercial and recreational boats. In the winter
and spring of 2017, about 880,000 cubic yards of sand was removed from the harbor
entrance and sand trap at a cost of approximately $7.3 million. The Ventura Port District
continually works with local elected officials and those in Washington D.C. to secure
adequate funds to dredge the Harbor and ensure it’s safe for commercial and recreational

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