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1450 Anchors Way Drive Ventura, CA 93001


As of May 1, 2018, the District’s Dry Boat Storage will be closed for modifications.

Please review the Dry Storage Facility Update, Site Plan, and FAQ Sheet below:

CLICK HERE for Dry Storage Facility Update

We have been advised by Portside that construction work  is scheduled to start August 20, 2018 and is expected to be completed by October 19, 2018. Notwithstanding delays, etc. we hope that we will have a November opening and will confirm at a later date.



CLICK HERE to view additional City Approved Plans


Ventura Port District FAQ Sheet on Dry Storage Modification:

Q: Is the Port District eliminating the dry storage?
There is no intent to eliminate the dry storage. The Anchors Way street modifications will eliminate a portion
of the current dry storage area. After the street modifications have been completed, the Port District will be
making improvements within the lot and restriping will be necessary to adjust to the new configuration

Q: Short Notice Provision
A: While the Ventura Port District has known that the street modifications were inevitable, we did not know
when the plans would be approved by the City of Ventura and the developer would be ready to implement the
street repairs. During our February Ventura Port District monthly meeting the developer and City gave a brief
presentation on the proposed street changes. The developer advised the Port District his intent to start the
street modifications project before summer. The Ventura Port District staff began planning the next day to
evaluate the impact on the dry storage operations.

Q: Why is the termination of the dry storage lease and removal of boats necessary?
A: The Anchors Way street modifications will eliminate a portion of the current dry storage area. The dry
storage area will be an active construction site and necessitate it being clear of hazards. We acknowledge
this is an inconvenience but are confident that we will be able to utilize this brief vacancy to make much
needed improvements and configurations to allow for us to re-open shortly after the construction is concluded.
(Estimated date of completion is mid-to0late July)

Q: Will all the current tenants be guaranteed a spot when the lot re-opens?
A: Unfortunately, the street modifications will eliminate a portion of the current dry storage area. Because
of this we cannot guarantee that all the current tenants will be able to return. It is our intent to create a list of
interested boaters who wish to return after the construction Accepted methods of expressing interest: In
person, by telephone 805-642-8538, or by email Robbie@venturaharbor.com.

Q: How can I stay informed on the progress of the construction and re-opening.
A: The Port District will create a space within the Venturaharbor.com website to keep interested parties
updated on the progress.

Q: What type of modifications will be done to improve the area?
A: Port District Staff is evaluating the current services and local needs. We hope to include a small portion
of the newly configured lot for storage of kayaks and other small crafts.

List of possible alternative locations to store your boat:
Channel Islands Harbor-Oxnard
Ventura West Marina (some slips are available)
Ventura Harbor & Marina Yacht Yard
Ventura Harbor Self Storage on Channel Drive in Ventura
Westside Boat & RV Storage in Ventura


The Ventura Port District’s Dry Boat Storage is conveniently located directly across from the Ventura Harbor’s new public launch ramp and Dave’s Fuel Dock, making access to the water easy for regular use. Monthly payments available in a secure facility with several options for dining and shopping nearby.
Email: rdunham@venturaharbor.com

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