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Harbor History

history_of_serviceThe Ventura Port District was established on April 8, 1952, by an election and majority vote of the citizens of Ventura, California. On April 15, 1952, the Board of Supervisors of Ventura County, ordered formation of the District pursuant to the Harbors and Navigation Code of the State of California. The District was organized for the purpose of acquiring, constructing and operating a commercial and recreational boat harbor within the City of Ventura. The District’s legal boundaries encompass all of the City of Ventura as well as some small areas outside the City limits.

The Ventura Port District is what is known as an Independent “Special District.” State law defines a special district as “any agency of the state for the local performance of governmental or proprietary functions within limited boundaries.” A special district is a separate local government that delivers public services.

The District is the owner/operator of the Ventura Harbor. The Harbor is a 274 acre multiple use recreational and commercial fishing small craft harbor. Other than a 2.74 acre site owned by the Department of Interior, National Park Service, the District is the sole landowner within the Harbor. The District’s current property holdings include approximately 152 acres of land and 122 acres of water area.

The voters of the District approved a general obligation bond issue of $4,750,000 on February 13, 1962 to be used for construction of the Harbor. Construction was completed and the Harbor commenced operations June 16, 1963.

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